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We are digital print and media agency that loves crafting beautiful graphics print, business cards, banners and office branded stationary.

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We do clean, creative and beautiful branding for SME's and Multinationals

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CISP Media
Best printing press Agency in Lagos

CISP Media was honored as best Printing press agency at SMW in Lagos Nigeria.

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We Are CISP Media

We create experiences that transform brands, grow businesses
and make people’s lives better. Building brands and driving sales with powerful UI and digital prints.

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Crest Innovation, Signs and Prints is a Media agency based in Lagos, Nigeria. We work internationally and offer a wide variety of standard and custom-designed visual branding solutions.

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Our custom signs and visual aids can address any manufacturing and safety concerns and are painstakiungly produced to customer specifiocations to accomodate even the most unique situations.

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We became fully registered in 2017 after 4 years of providing professional solutions. Our products and services includes Industrial signages, ACP board cladding, General Printing, Led signs, Window blinds, Custom cooperate gifts, Monogramming, Branding exhibition solutions, and many other custom branding projects.


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Digital first Branding Agency

Our Mission

CISP Media has a mission to build strong brands helping them achieve powerful brand recognition and elevated percieved value as well as increased market share, revenue and prot using standard advertising materials and resources in design, printing and fabrication

Our Vision

Results-oriented branding and communicative campaigns that enhance our clients’ awareness, improve their traction, accelerate their sales, and foster their business growth.

Large Format Printing
Graphics Design

We're Nigerian Creatives
Crafting with love and pushing the boundaries of what is possible one design at a time.


Our works are the results of the union of the customer’s vision and our expertise. Our story of glory has been possible only because of the commitment we invest in our work. We are committed into bringing your dreams to reality.


Our promises are not meant to stay on the paper. We deliver what we promise. We deliver excellent results that you can experience for yourself.


We take nothing for granted. We leave no stone unturned in the hunt for the bigger idea, seeking out new ways to build your brand and reach your customers.


CISP is endowed with a bunch hard working young people with passion. For us, customers frst is the rule that everyone goes by, no matter what.

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At CISP Media, we build unique and lasting impressions through company and product or service branding by projecting a clear definition of who you are through visual expression of your brand using to help achieve design, imagery, and prints greater perceived value and brand recognitionwith a distinct creative touch.

Designed with Love

Your sign is the first chance your company has to make a frst impression on potential clients. Our signs on the exterior of your building can draw attention of people and also offer a creative way to advertise and appeal to a variety of customers. As well, our quality and high grade indoor signs can make your indoors more aesthetic, help you deliver a highly targeted marketing campaign to audience within your premises, and increase impulse buying. Our signs include Monument, Pylon, and Facial Signages, as well as 3D Fabricated Signs, Imported Channel Lettering, and Imported Neon Signages

General Printing
Printing with Style

With our well designed custom banners, window graphics, fyers, business cards and other prints media, you can target a dedicated audience and give your viewers a tactile experience as they interact with your printed brand materials. With this, customers tend to fully engage with the contents, including the ads or offers they might be carrying. Prints can give your business the brand recognition and credibility it deserves and have a longer shelf life with high engagement

Led Lightening

With LEDs, CISP Media can help lure potential clients in with colourful and creative visual displays. Your company can stand out from other businesses in the same location both day and ight with the use of durable and highly effcient light-emitting diodes. This can be an effective component of a business marketing strategy. We have various options including LED STRIPS, LED MODULES 12 VT, LED MODULES 220VT, LED STRIPS RGB, AND LED RGB MODULES 12VT.

Window Blinds

Blinds are an affordable option with a neat design that offers maximum privacy. The perfect treatment for windows in your room or ofce. They come in a wide variety of colours and styles from horizontal to vertical, steel to wooden, and day to night blinds. CISP Media can help you with the best style to perfectly complement your interiors.

Vehicle Wrap
Designed with flair

Because branded vehicles are mobile and can get to places billboards cannot reach, they are a very great marketing tool to adopt. Be it corporate cars, school buses, or promotional vehicles, CISP Media is able to brand them to reflect your brand’s identity and make it even a transcendent campaign tool for your organization.

Designed with Love

Enhance your product responsivesness, promote you manufactured goods, attain brand appreciation, team togetherness and professionalize your business with our expert monogramming solutions. Apart from branding that monogramming offers, it is a communication strategy that speaks your brand in public; a strategy to increase awareness, product authenticity perception and brand trusts

Custom Cooperate Gift
Designed with Style

Make an impression with your personalized corporate gifts. You can choose from a selection including award plaques, custom award 3D crystal designs, bags, travel totes, card cases, coasters and more. Promotional branded gifts are great marketing tools for your business as they can boost your brand recognition by reminding people of your business each time they open their drawers, closets or cabinets

Exhibition Branding stands

Your marketing dreams or events can come to life with your event or brand’s imagery beautifully displayed on exhibition branding stands. CISP Media will help your event in style. With the image of your choice printed on high quality and fully customizable domes, bags, roll-ups, trade show banners, boxes, backdrops and many others, the creativity to manifest your vision is unlimited.


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Say About Us

I have contacted other printing press agencies but most of them had bad customer service experience
but CISP media guys won my heart with their clean print formats and customer service satisfaction. Easy to edit, nicely coded. You guys, you did a great job here!


Graphics designer

I have contacted other printing press agencies but most of them had bad customer service experience
but CISP media guys won my heart with their clean print formats and customer service satisfaction. Easy to edit, nicely coded. You guys, you did a great job here!


Graphics designer

CISP Media breathe a new life your business idea by providing you a fullfilling signage solution to stand out. They design what you imagine.

Yemisi Adejoro



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